Recently Chip and I took a vacation island hopping with a family friend in the Caribbean. We booked various rentals across the islands for each leg of our trip, each being comparable to an InsideOut Property back on the Cape. Some were two bedrooms, some had sofa beds, some had more or less amenities. While the ultimate goal, of course, was to relax and enjoy our vacation, I couldn’t help but take notes on what other hosts were doing, not doing, and how our properties compare.

I already knew going in that we were well above-average in many areas as that is reflected in the feedback from our guests but I did discover a few things from a traveler’s perspective that changed my thought patterns on how to set up a new rental property. While traveling I found that I was constantly looking for a place to put my toothbrush to dry. I didn’t want to put it away wet inside that little travel case and I didn’t want to leave it out on the precious sink space that was already cluttered with our other travel size goops, potions, and whatnot. Behold the simple toothbrush holder. The often-overlooked sink-side companion to the now extinct soap dish. This once commonplace object is a perfect essential item for a rental. Easily found in thrift stores, the price is in most budgets and even a color-coordinated cup can step in for the job if needed.

In one rental, on Thanksgiving Day no less, the one can opener in the drawer was so old and dull that it wouldn’t open a can. We were left trying to puncture open the can enough to get the contents out in order to finish off our meal. This same unit had no lighters for the grill whose igniter stopped working. As a homeowner, familiar with the area, you may think “no big deal, just go buy one at the store”. As a traveler, you don’t know the area, don’t know what is open on a holiday, and you don’t really want to go anywhere else on your vacation, last minute, to buy a can opener for someone else’s place. Of course, we do not treat our guests in the same manner as we were treated. In fact, I will come open the can and light the grill FOR my guests! But, the lesson for me in this was to test every single can opener in every property and supply a backup of lighters for grills and/or fire pits. Oh, and toothbrush holders. We did return feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I also felt a renewed sense of pride in our team and how well they execute their jobs in caring for our InsideOut Properties family of homes. All of the properties that we care for easily outshine any of the rentals we stayed in across the Caribbean and Florida. The next time you travel, take note of the little things you find that make your stay easier, and be sure to add those to your list too.


  • Toothbrush Holder
  • Variety of spices, oils, and flavored vinegars
  • Can openers that work!
  • Long matches or lighters
  • Wine bottle openers
  • Folding, easy to carry beach mats or chairs for sitting on the sand (yoga mats work too!)
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • A package of lightbulbs

InsideOut Properties takes care of the details so that you can relax. We handle as little or as much of the process as you want based on our three levels of service. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!


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