Items to check and replace in your vacation rental during the off season

Vacation rentals are a wonderful investment because the money earned during peak weeks can more than pay for the mortgage and property taxes for the whole year. It is one of the best passive incomes you could have, but it does come with some additional costs. Most rentals come complete with things like dishes, sheets, linens and other comforts of home. Renters may accidentally damage or completely break these items, necessitating a replacement. Here is a list of what to look for during off-peak times to ensure that your vacation rental is ready for the next influx of guests.

Frying Pans

To save money, some renters may opt to cook some or all meals at home rather than eating out. Frying pans and cooking utensils are provided by owners for this purpose. If the pans you stock in your rental are nonstick, the coating can scratch and cause food to stick. Inspect pans at least once a year and replace them as necessary.

Kettles and Coffeemakers

Most people need a jolt of caffeine in the morning to help them get their day started. They cannot get that jolt if the kettle is leaky or the coffeemaker does not work. Make a pot of coffee and boil some water just to make sure these items are working properly.


No kitchen is complete without knives for chopping produce. If the knives are dull, however, then your guests’ food will get torn and smashed rather than chopped. Sharpen and hone dull knives to make food prep a breeze.

Wine Bottle Openers

In case your renters are on their honeymoon, it is a good idea to keep a wine bottle opener in the kitchen. Make sure it is clean and sharp, or else replace it.

Can Opener

Can openers can get dirty, so be sure it is clean and sharp enough to open a can, or else toss it and get a new one.

Iron and Ironing Board

Nobody wants to spend their vacation wearing wrinkled clothes, so make sure you stock an iron and ironing board, and that both are in working condition.

First Aid Kit

Check to see if you need to replace bandages, antiseptics, and other supplies. If you live in an area with lots of mosquitoes, your renters may find a bottle of calamine lotion or other anti-itch products to be a godsend.

Pet First Aid

If you allow pets, then you can purchase a ready-made pet first aid kit in case someone’s fur baby gets hurt. Replace this kit or make and stock your own.

Pet Towels

Dogs can bring mud and other debris indoors on their paws and spread it across the floors. Have a few pet towels on hand for cleaning paws, and replace when they become too dingy.


Many items around the property may need batteries, such as flashlights and smoke detectors. Restock as necessary to have on hand in an emergency, and make sure you have some of every size.

Light Bulbs

One can blow out at any time, so you will want to keep several light bulbs on hand so renters can change them if necessary. Make sure the bulbs are the correct wattage and size for your lamps and overhead lights.

Battery-Powered Clocks

Though many people rely on their cell phone or smartwatch to tell the time, it is a good idea to have one or more clocks around the house as well. Make sure they are set at the right time.

Patio Cushions

If you have outdoor furniture, clean the cushions so they can be sat on without getting dirty, or replace if they are damaged.

Window Screens

Nothing makes a property look unkempt quite like a broken screen. Wipe down or vacuum all of them and replace them if they are damaged beyond repair.

BBQ Grills

Clean the grease or charcoal ashes out of any traps or grates and scrub down the outside. Stock up on more aluminum grease traps if necessary.

Though this seems like a long list, it really will not take very long to check on each of these items as a part of your routine property management. The time invested will go a long way towards establishing your rental as one that people will want to come back to again and again.

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